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Integrate Your Systems with Salesforce

Integrating your systems with Salesforce can make your team more efficient. By consolidating data into a single system, your team can work from a unified view of the customer in the CRM.

We work with middleware tools, including Mulesoft, Jitterbit and Dell Boomi, to get your integration up and running quickly. We can also connect systems with Salesforce through API integration.

Integrate Your Systems with Salesforce

Solution Design

We dedicate the first phase of the project to understanding your integration needs. We document detailed requirements and include recommendations for streamlining business processes.

Data Preparation

We evaluate your datasets before building the integration. This may involve data cleansing and standardization. We focus on understanding source and target systems and the transformations, or encryption that might be required.


We prepare the environment, first in Sandbox and then in Production, for storing the data from the other system.


We work with your team on making any updates or enhancements to the integration after the initial deployment.