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Salesforce Accounting & ERP Integration

The process of provisioning accounts, billing customers, and collecting payment are made easier with a fully integrated software ecosystem the lead-to-cash strategy. There are a couple of ways to tie the accounting function into the CRM: either by integrating your preferred ERP system with Sales Cloud CRM or by adopting a solution from the AppExchange. Either route will provide a more comprehensive view of all customer activity. Nuvem partners with many vendors to implement solutions or we can develop a custom integration with your ERP of choices such as SAP, NetSuite, and others.

Streamline Your Billing Process

Strategy & Design

We work with your team to identify the system requirements and customization, then design a solution that fits your unique needs. We’ll also recommend improvements to streamline business processes.


We configure templates, electronic signature integration, and handle the data migration.


As you evolve with the platform and grow your business, you may require changes to your existing implementation. Nuvem offers support post-implementation to ensure your systems stay updated with changes in your business or industry.


We offer system administrator and other training packages, as well as customized training with each implementation package to ensure your team can support the solution internally as much as possible.

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