Keeping track of receipts and logging expense reports has long been a painful process for mobile sales reps. For a team focused on generating revenue, maintaining and submitting spreadsheets can be cumbersome. Procrastination and errors run rampant.

Concur is one company that seeks to change all that. With Concur, users can capture transaction data at the time they incur an expense. Cash expenses can be added quickly to an expense report and receipt images can be captured with the phone’s camera. Credit card charges are automatically available in the mobile application for reporting.Salesforce expense reporting

The Concur mobile app also helps remove bottlenecks from the expense reporting and trip approval process. Managers can easily review detailed expense reports and receipts that employees submit. They can also quickly review travel plans— ensuring that delayed approvals don’t have an impact on catching the best travel rates.

Concur integrates with Salesforce so sales reps can associate expense reports with sales opportunities to  track the true cost of sales. You can also collaborate on travel itenirary with Chatter.

Adding Concur to your Salesforce Roadmap is one more way to add value to your overall investment.

“Businesses who are winning with Salesforce are going beyond CRM with solutions like Concur that streamline internal business processes,” said Matt Dillon, Nuvem Co-Founder. “When you put the work into doing a proper discovery on what you need Salesforce to do, you will often uncover inefficiencies like this that can be solved quickly and cost effectively.”

Additional product features:

  • View travel itineraries and flight status details
  • Add hotel, dining or taxis to an itinerary
  • Book flights or trains
  • Get instant directions
  • Edit, delete or enter new expenses
  • Photograph receipts and connect the IRS-compliant images to the expense
  • Submit and approve expense reports
  • Approve invoices
  • Add car mileage to an expense report
  • Quicker submission and approval process
  • All mobile enabled

Concur’s innovative offerings are centered on a mobile-first approach, which is vital for businesses to embrace.

“The digital world is fired up about apps that enable business people to get things done on the go,” said John Parisi, senior business development manager at Concur. “Whether it’s back office solutions or expense reporting software, the new wave of business apps are allowing businesses of all sizes to be more nimble, more cost-efficient and more productive.”

Streamlining business processes such as expense management can have a wealth of benefits from increased sales productivity; to improved employee satisfaction; to a real impact on the bottom line.

An Aberdeen Group research report shows mobile-enabled expense programs increased compliance by 10 percent; reduced time to submit and approve reports by 28 percent; and reduced processing costs by 40 percent.

“Companies able to effectively leverage mobile apps are now gaining a clear competitive advantage over those focused in the paper and spreadsheet era,” Parisi said.


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