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Nuvem offers a variety of packaged services along with custom proposals. Our average hourly rate is $150 with a minimum typical client investment of $10k. Our clients enjoy a high return on their investment, with new solutions that streamline processes to improve productivity, sales growth and customer loyalty.

Pardot Quick Start

Nuvem’s Quick Start Consultation plan aims to provide the training, support, coaching and technical expertise necessary to drive quick wins and lasting product satisfaction.

This package would be customized during an initial discovery call and a project plan developed along a 21-day timeline. Nuvem’s Quick Start Consultation includes 25 hours hours of consultation and configuration on any tasks related to technical setup, integration and marketing asset development.

Nuvem’s Quick Start package is a customizable plan for those clients who want access to certified Pardot and Salesforce experts to understand options and best practice so that they can accelerate their ROI.

Product Quick Start

  • 25 Hours

Pardot Marketing Support Services


  • 10 hours/month + $1,500 Discovery
  • List Segmentation
  • User Managment
  • 2 Blog Posts
  • 3 List or Automated Emails
  • Basic Process Automation


  • 20 hours/month + $3,000 Discovery
  • List Segmentation
  • User Management
  • 4 Blog Posts
  • 6 List or Automated Emails
  • Advanced Process Automation


  • 40 hours/month + $4,500 Discovery
  • List Segmentation
  • User Management
  • 6 Blog Posts
  • 10 List or Automated Emails
  • Advanced Process Automation

Nuvem offers monthly support services for Pardot and Salesforce customers. Our support services include administrative work in either solution. We also assist with creative development as needed per client requirements. All packages require 6-month minimum contract. Additional hours can be purchased at standard rate of $150/hour. For larger custom projects, including website development and advanced content pieces, please contact us to discuss pricing.

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Sales Cloud Quick Start

Nuvem’s Salesforce Sales Cloud Quick Start package provides you with the essentials needed to implement Sales Cloud quickly and cost effectively. The package includes 100 hours of consulting, technical configuration and training.

The Quick Start package leverages Salesforce standard sales process to ensure your teams can successfully transition to a new CRM with both the technical configuration and processes necessary to take your sales team to the next level. *Additional hours can be purchased as needed by your unique requirements.

Sales Cloud Quick Start

$14,800starting at
  • 100 Hours*

Sales Cloud Virtual Admin


  • 20 hours monthly + $1,500 discovery
  • User Management
  • New Release Managment
  • Standard Object Maintenance
  • Standard Reports and Dashboards
  • Pardot Integration Maintenance*


  • 40 hours monthly + $3,000 discovery
  • “Essentials” Package +
  • Basic Process Automation
  • Custom Reports and Dashboards
  • AppExchange Package Maintenance
  • Data Quality Management
  • Custom Object Maintenance
  • CPQ Maintenance**


  • 70 hours monthly + $4,500 discovery
  • “Standard” Package +
  • Advanced Process Automation
  • Development Project Management
  • Innovation Management
  • Custom App Requirements Documentation
  • Service Cloud
  • ERP Integration**

In general, for all packages, virtual admins are available by phone, chat and email. Response times may vary based on package. Additional hours maybe purchased for each package level, pricing as follows: Essentials additional hours $65/hr, Standard additional hours $60/hr, Premium additional hours $55/hr. Must provide two weeks notice to terminate.

*Limited time offer. Pricing is good for new Virtual Salesforce Administrator subscriptions only. Contact Sales for complete details.”

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Health Check

Nuvem’s Sales Cloud CRM health check package is for existing Sales Cloud customers who want to assess the current state of their implementation and identify improvements to drive significantly more value from the system. Nuvem may complete 1 or more discovery calls to understand the scope of the health check, which is generally limited to 50 hours. At the completion of the Health Check, your consultant will provide a recommended action plan for modification to your existing implementation so you can reach a higher ROI.

We typically review the following areas during a 21-day timeline: data quality and architecture; reports and dashboards deficiencies; sales process and alignment of people and technology; right number and type of licenses; standard objects and features correctly utilized; underutilization of available features; workflows and process automation; recommended AppExchange or other integrations to solve critical issues.

Health Check

$6,800starting at

Salesforce Lightning Conversion

Enhance your user experience by migrating your org to the new Lightning interface. The scope for Lightning migrations from Salesforce “Classic” vary widely by size of the organization and depth of the Salesforce solution. Let Nuvem help your teams greatly accelerate their migration to Lightning.

Technical Assessment

  • Org Review
  • Readiness Report
  • Gap Analysis
  • Migration Roadmap

Transformational Reboot

  • Data and reporting quality assessment
  • Review of business processes
  • Identification of applicable new features
  • Transformational review of Salesforce

Lightning Migration

  • Visualforce updates or re-styling
  • Javascript buttons
  • URLs
  • Page configurations

Cloud Transformation

Nuvem’s unique transformation package is for future or existing Salesforce and/or Pardot customers who want to assess their current technologies and identify improvements or new solutions to meet their needs, all the way from lead generation to revenue management.

Our transformation package is perfect for businesses who want to understand their options for creating integrated customer management solutions for marketing, sales, operations, accounting and other key areas. It’s also perfect for customers who want to understand how they can drive significantly greater value with their existing systems.

Nuvem may complete 1 or more discovery calls to understand the scope of the transformation. Transformation costs vary based on the areas being reviewed.

Cloud Transformation

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