How Lead to Cash Will Revamp Your Lead Generation Strategy & Marketing Automation Efforts

We often see companies with disconnected sales and marketing systems and processes. The cause could be a limited understanding of the software or a lack of a clear roadmap. Customers feel this disconnect when their needs aren’t met with the level of service they expect, and your sales reps suffer when they’re left without the information they need to close deals.

Organizations understand the complexities and pain that go with non-integrated systems, and the data silos created when different departments each have their own preferred technology. While individual departments are happy to work how they prefer, inefficiencies occur when there isn’t a cohesive, end-to-end process.

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Lead-to-Cash” is a term used to describe a fully integrated, comprehensive, cloud-based software ecosystem that enables users to get a 360-degree view of their customers. 

To help you drive more qualified leads while streamlining marketing, sales, operations, and accounting, we’ve developed a free video series explaining the Salesforce Lead to Cash process! Part one is focused entirely on how integrated sales and marketing systems can benefit your lead generation strategy and marketing automation processes.


  • What Lead to Cash is
  • How to improve sales and marketing alignment
  • How an integrated CRM and marketing automation platform helps you increase customer retention
  • How it increases your business leads

Start your Lead-to-Cash journey by accessing Part 1 of our video series, “Lead Generation and Marketing Automation“ here!

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