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The technology industry, while almost in a constant state of change, has many challenges that can be solved with Salesforce, customized applications, and integrations. Salesforce solutions tackle some of the industry’s largest issues, such as:

  • License management
  • Management of subscriptions and renewals
  • Communicating value propositions
  • Preparing customers for new product updates/releases
  • Cross and upsell management
  • Management of releases and sprint planning
  • Management of customer service and project implementations
  • Gathering customer feedback to further innovation

Nuvem Consulting will design an end-to-end solution that will keep your sales, marketing, customer service, support, and finance teams aligned to provide your customers with an exceptional experience while automating processes that hinder performance. Streamline operations with integrated systems that allow you to drive business forward.

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Potential customers expect a quick turn around when it comes to quoting, especially in the tech industry. Preconfigured product bundling and discount options, in Salesforce CPQ, simplifies quoting for sales.

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From onboarding to troubleshooting bugs, customer support is central to a successful technology platform. Service Cloud integrates with multiple channels, telephony, email-to-case, web-to-case and social, providing a central hub for managing cases.


Customers want to be aware of new functionality. Through Pardot Marketing Automation, you can schedule email nurturing programs around releases, managing communications both before and after deployment.

Managing renewals can be a tedious process. Automated workflows in Salesforce can start the billing process ahead of customers’ renewal dates.



Hudl Turns Salesforce into a More Powerful Tool for Sales

Hudl is one of the most successful startups in the Silicon Prairie.

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