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Custom App Development

When out-of-the-box software is not enough to fulfill your unique business requirements, custom development becomes a critical component of your business systems strategy.

Nuvem Consulting has a rich background in Salesforce Platform, Heroku, Microsoft .NET, Java and mobile iOS/Android development. We also modernize legacy .NET apps, and make your older Microsoft technologies work with Salesforce.

Development Customized to Fit Your Needs

Custom development that moves you forward, faster

Your relationship with a developer needs to be based on trust. With a client list of hundreds of businesses, we’ve earned that trust. We offer our clients the assurance of working with a team of senior consultants and Salesforce and Microsoft certified developers and integration specialists.

Nuvem specializes in a Lead-to-Cash approach. We work with clients to transform their businesses by building fully integrated systems that support marketing, sales, pricing, order fulfillment, customer service, accounting and other functions.

Salesforce Platform

Salesforce Customer 360 Platform provides all of the services to build any app fast for customers, employees and partners. The app-building process includes basic building blocks so we never have to start from scratch. We tackle your app backlog to take your business to the next level.


Heroku is the only platform that offers native integration with Salesforce. It is a natural extension that allows us to assist customers in new and creative ways without being restricted by the limitations of Salesforce Platform. Heroku gives us the flexibility we need to create customized solutions that allow our clients to maximize all that Salesforce has to offer.


Nuvem specializes in developing apps for iOS/Android, HTML5, Salesforce1, Salesforce SDK–delivering complete lifecycle services. We love finding creative solutions to common barriers in mobile app development, from discovering ways for mobile to work with Legacy Systems to streamlining complex processes using workflows.


Microsoft continues to be one of the most popular business software platforms, even as many organizations implement Salesforce and other cloud solutions. We have a staff of Microsoft certified developers and integration specialists. We also modernize Legacy .NET apps, and make your older Microsoft technologies work with Salesforce.


Looking for experts in Java? You’re in the right place. Java is a class-based, object-oriented general-purpose programming language. The Nuvem Consulting team is well-versed in Java, and ready to build an application to meet your needs.

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