Sales Cloud Winter 18 Release: Top Features and Highlights

It may be pumpkin spice season, but Salesforce is ready for winter with their third major update of the year, the Winter 18 Release. We’ve gathered a round-up of some of the features and enhancements we’re most excited about.

Enhanced Lead Convert in Lightning Experience

With a streamlined one-click conversion flow and pre-populated account and opportunity records, the Enhanced Lead Convert is better than ever. Plus, now you can select record types, attach leads to existing opportunities, and even see contact matches, and view matching account details right in one screen. This change applies to Lightning Experience only.

List Views: Customizations, Mass Inline Editing, and Text Wrapping

Reps can get more done with fewer clicks when working from list views. Now, they can edit multiple records from a list view, and wrap text in columns to see more at a glance.

Columns in list views, search results, related lists, and elsewhere, such as the App Manager in Setup, are now sized based on the length of the data within them. When you resize your screen, the columns adjust accordingly. This feature is disabled when you set a fixed column width. This change applies to Lightning Experience only.

Tired of seeing only part of each field in a list view? The Winter 18 Release has  got you covered, because now you can wrap text in list view columns. This change applies to Lightning Experience only.

Pardot: Campaign Influence Attribution Models

Leverage out-of-the-box attribution models to track the impact of your marketing campaigns. Easily understand which campaigns are building more pipeline or closing more deals.

With new multi-touch campaign influence models, your marketing department can see the influence details they’re most interested in. Separate models track the first touch, last touch, and evenly distribute revenue attribution to all the campaigns that influence an opportunity. This change applies to Salesforce users in orgs that have purchased Pardot.

Pardot Engage for Outlook

Engage for Outlook provides sales reps with the flexibility to work the way they want: directly from their inbox. Engage for Outlook provides a side panel extension which surfaces all relevant prospect engagement history and scoring details so they can send personalized and more relevant 1-to-1 emails.

Sales reps can track which prospects are engaged as well as view scores and engagement history. This change applies to both Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic.

Macros in Lightning Experience

Equip agents with Macros to resolve issues faster. Agents can quickly perform multiple actions in a single click, saving time, and ensuring consistency and accuracy. New in Lightning Experience, the Macro Builder can be leveraged to quickly and easily create new macros to handle those pesky, repetitive tasks.

The builder’s simple point-and-click interface lets macro authors capture the quick actions and fields they want to include in the macro instructions.

Milestones in Lightning Experience

With Milestones, agents have an easy, visual representation of the time remaining to perform tasks and respond to customers. Now, agents using the Lightning Service Console can keep a close eye on the time they have left to respond and meet Service Level Agreements for every customer.

Previously, case milestones were available only in Salesforce Classic. This change applies to Lightning Experience and all versions of the Salesforce1 mobile app.

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