As a business leader, you have a vision for what you want from Salesforce.

You have things to do. Goals to achieve. Numbers to hit.

But with all the capabilities Salesforce offers in products such as Sales Cloud, achieving that vision can sometimes take a little fine tuning. One of the reasons Sales Cloud is the world’s No. 1 CRM is the ability to customize it through an open API. You can build an integration to nearly any system or product. And you can build custom mobile apps with lightning speed. You can do so many things but all of that adds complexity.

Enter the Salesforce Consultant.

An experienced Salesforce consultant will show you the path to success and help you achieve it. They’ve been down that road before and know what you should and shouldn’t do when it comes to implementing new business systems. It’s yet another reason why Salesforce Sales Cloud offers more value than other top CRMs.

Salesforce has a vast system of implementation partners and independent software vendors on the AppExchange who all work hard to ensure you reap the benefits of Salesforce. No other solution on the market today has the support ecosystem of users, developers, consultants and evangelists that Salesforce has garnered. So many CRMs fail because businesses don’t have that shoulder to lean on for help.

“A solid implementation partner makes a big difference,” said Jack Pereira, Nuvem co-founder. “A good Salesforce consultant will design your system to have a high adoption rate. They should look at the whole picture to understand what it’s going to take to create a system that enables you to reach your business objectives.”

And beyond implementation, Salesforce is the type of solution that needs ongoing support. With three new releases a year, you’re sure to get new features but that means continuously refining and improving processes to match technology upgrades.

“The platform is always evolving and changing,” said Matt Dillon, Nuvem co-founder. “You always have to think about how new products will impact you. There’s a certain level of commitment.”

For Shane Piper, National Sales Manager at Hudl, a leading provider of cloud video analysis and coaching tools, hiring a consultant with systems integration expertise was a no brainer. Piper partnered with Nuvem Consulting to build a custom API between Salesforce Sales Cloud and their transactional accounting system. They also migrated hundreds of thousands of contacts from Excel spreadsheets into Salesforce. The project enabled their sales team to identify opportunities for selling deeper into existing accounts and build reports in a matter of seconds, not days.

“I think it’s a little priceless because without the expertise and guidance, we never would have gotten where we are today,” Piper said. “They really changed the value we are getting out of that investment.”

As a newer, de-facto Salesforce administrator, Piper had a vision for what he wanted to accomplish with the system but he didn’t have the resources internally to complete the project. Plus, having access to thought leaders in the Salesforce space proved significant to getting a stronger ROI.

“Nuvem is able to provide the front-line support that newer admins really need to get things done in an efficient manner,” Piper said.

When assessing if you need a Salesforce consultant, think about the problems you want to solve both at a business level and technology level. Consider if you have the skills, expertise and capacity to do those things internally. Be realistic especially about internal capacity. It often costs more than you think to put off projects that can mean a big difference in the ROI you’re getting from Salesforce. The cost in people resources can also be significant. Remember that the best Salesforce consultants have the experience necessary to get things done on time and in budget.

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