5 Salesforce1 Mobile App Examples

The Salesforce1 Platform gives mobile developers a stable framework to bring revolutionary app designs and concepts to life. In essence, it allows you to connect anything to everything, faster and easier.

The primary benefit of Salesforce1 is the ability to quickly deploy custom mobile apps that can make Salesforce substantially more useful for your users. It’s a great way to improve Salesforce user adoption. You can use the Salesforce1 Platform to build a mobile app just like you would a custom iOS or Android, but faster, easier and with less cost.

salesforce1 mobile app examples

What separates the Salesforce1 Platform is its heightened usability features for administrators. Salesforce1 customization capabilities make it relatively easy for admins to create mobile apps without coding. Salesforce1 also provides a great way for organizations to go mobile while taking advantage of Salesforce integration capabilities.

The challenge is taking advantage of innovative business ideas that stem from your company’s thunderous brainstorming sessions, then acting on that vision. We call that “The Power of Do.”

We put together a list of the top 5 Salesforce1 examples that have reaped the benefits of the Salesforce1 Platform’s user-friendly, custom-click development process. The list of companies below all showcase how they made their business more efficient or provided a better way to engage with customers through a custom Salesforce1 app. Keep in mind, there’s also lots of ISVs providing mobile versions of their apps built on Salesforce1 in the AppExchange.


With over 600,000 customers, ADP stands among the very best in the human capital management industry. In order to avoid confusion and enhance company transparency, ADP decided to join forces with Salesforce to compress their customer data from 11 business units into one place. Using the Salesfore1 Platform ADP was able to develop a collection of mobile apps that handle digital sales, order management, and itinerary planning. In turn, the 10,000-plus employees at ADP are now able to access CRM information and insight when and wherever they need to.

2. Critical Systems

As the name suggests, the subject of this manufacturing app is, well, critical. The subject is safety. Critical Systems is a Salesforce1 original app that reduces the length of the fire alarm inspection process. It allows inspectors to manage inspection reports and access building data anywhere and anytime via their mobile device. Your company deserves safety and security. So let Critical Systems kick the monotonous inspection process to the curb without sacrificing the safety of everyone around you.

3. Kelly Services

Kelly Services recognizes that the workforce is an ever-changing environment. That’s why they created their HR Best Practices App, which allows iPad users to stay current with elite workplace procedures in their respective industries. Instant access to white papers, research, breaking news and industry reports, and videos on key employment issues are all made possible by Kelly Services. In sum, this app allows your business to compete and collaborate with industry leaders in an efficient and effective manner.

4. Nebraska Crossing (pictured above)

Malls aren’t meant to be mazes. But they usually are. Luckily, there is no need to seek out the nearest store map at Nebraska Crossing. Why? The answer falls in their new customer engagement app. Shoppers can access in-store promotions and monitor upcoming events and sales. This customer engagement app is location-aware, which means you don’t need to worry about where you parked your car. The app does that for you. So you can focus on what you came to do – shopping to your hearts content with all possible deals and steals highlighted on your mobile device.

5. Trunk Club

Our top 5 Salesforce1 examples would certainly not be complete without this game-changing consumer app. For many men, shopping is a hassle. Say hello to Trunk Club – a mobile fashion app that allows any Average Joe to connect and consult with stylists. Salesforce1 offers insight on the likes and dislikes of Trunk Club customers. Besides purchasing clothes, members can request fashion advice for any occasion they’re not so sure about. Hence, this is why this premium men’s outfitters service is so clutch for shop-a-phobic men, no matter where they may be stationed in their daily routine.

There you have it – the top 5 Salesforce1 examples. So what’s your vision for a Salesforce1 app? What’s your Power of Do?

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