In the past couple weeks, we have discussed what the Internet of Things is – a colossal cloud tech movement that is slowly but steadily sneaking its way into our daily routines.

Lindsay Corporation’s FieldNET® mobile, for example, allows growers to run intricate irrigation systems directly from their smartphones. And, Information Data Technologies’ Harmony Cloud Web app serves as a rural water utility management system that uses field satellites and automatic meter reading devices to monitor rural water utility operations.

Both apps save a great deal of time, money and labor, solidifying themselves as prime examples of how cloud technology has impacted agricultural operations in a big way. But the Internet of Things certainly isn’t just for farmers and growers.

Here are the top 5 Internet of Things examples that will help broaden our understanding of the IOT’s infinite capacity for innovation and imagination:

1. GlowCaps

GlowCaps uses light, sound, and even text notifications to remind you when to take your medication. When it’s time for a refill, simply push the button at the base of the GlowCap, and a refill request will be sent to your pharmacy through AT&T Mobile Broadband Network. Maximizing the benefits of your prescription just became much easier.

2. BiKN

Keys are easy to lose. That’s just the simple truth. But thanks to wireless key locator apps like BiKN you can easily track their location. By attaching a sensory tag to your keys you can locate them up to 50 feet away inside and up to 200 feet away outside.  Just like that your keys are robbed of their uncanny ability to get up and walk away.

3. Parksight 2.0

Parking can make or break your day. Fortunately Parksight 2.0 has changed how you store your means of transportation from a free-for-all guessing game to a cut-and-dry GPS app. Parking lot sensors identify the presence of a vehicle, relaying the information to the cloud. Now you can pinpoint the open spots, thus greatly reducing the all-too-familiar chaos of the parking lot scramble.

4. Sightmachine

Sightmachine helps maintain the quality and consistency of manufacturing processes. Sightmachine uses networked sensors, cameras, lasers, and continual data processing to identify the current condition of a machine part. Who says you can’t stop what’s almost broken from ever breaking in the first place?

5. Air Quality Egg

Air pollution samples tend to be skewed. A lot. But with the Air Quality Egg comes a drastic improvement in the accuracy of pollution monitoring. By simply placing your AQE outside of your home you now have access to site-specific CO and NO2 readings. This community-led network unites you with others who are concerned about the quality of the air they breathe.

So what do the all of the top 5 Internet of Things examples have in common?

Besides the fact they are really, really cool – they also allow users to increase productivity and precision of the task at hand. Stay tuned – this is just the tip of the iceberg that is the Internet of Things.

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