What would you do if you found yourself in-between system administrators or needing seasonal system admin support?

Sometimes it makes sense to have this role in-house for larger organizations, but not every organization requires a full-time Salesforce administrator on staff.

The decision to outsource can be a strategic and tactical choice. Often outsourcing this role to a third-party consulting firm can make more sense. It can save you time and money, or, help in a bind when you’re short on resources.

Here are the top 5 reasons you should consider outsourcing your Salesforce administration:

  1. Reduce and control operating costs – It may appear to be cost effective to hire an in-house employee rather than outsourcing your needs to another company, but there are many intangible costs to having an in-house administrator to consider like the cost and time of the hiring process, typical employee benefits, and possible turnover due to the strong demand of Salesforce administrators.
  2. Improve company focus – By outsourcing a Salesforce administrator, a small business owner can focus their internal team on growing the company. Your employees can focus on what is core to your business while knowing that your Salesforce will be maintained by an expert.
  3. Gain access to expertise – Properly managing Salesforce requires a thorough knowledge of Salesforce features and configuration best practices. Gaining access to Salesforce certified administrators through a third-party helps you take full advantage of all that Salesforce has to offer to optimize and automate your business practices.
  4. Free internal resources for other purposes – The needs of your business can ebb and flow throughout your sales seasons. When you find your internal resources strapped for time to keep up with the day-to-day maintenance of Salesforce, the best decision can be to call for re-enforcements. Consulting firms that specialize in remote or virtual salesforce administration can help pick up the slack temporarily or become part of the team long-term.
  5. Resources are hard to find or not available internally – Experienced administrators can be difficult to find in some areas of the country, which means they also command a hefty salary. Also, it’s easy for an administrator to work remotely because Salesforce is cloud-based and communication can be done via phone, email or chat.

Put simply, you can save money and have more time to focus on the key part of your business if you make the decision to outsource your Salesforce administration.


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