The Summer ’18 Salesforce release will be moving into your production org over the next few weeks. If you haven’t checked it out already, grab your release notes. Here are the features and highlights we’re most excited about.

Lightning Enhancements

Salesforce is giving us more reasons to love Lightning with UI improvements and finally the report builder is generally available. If you haven’t made the switch to Lightning yet, you should!

Lightning Report Builder

  • Lightning Experience Reports and Dashboards –  The Lightning Experience report builder is now generally available. Easily group and measure records in Lightning tables or surface a chart in a dashboard component. Add reports to dashboards with only one click and organize your reports and dashboards with folders and subfolders. Add other people as subscribers to your reports and dashboards so you can share the latest information automatically on a set schedule.
  • Style Existing Visualforce Pages with Lightning Experience Stylesheets – Developers, give your existing VF pages a new look in Lightning.  You can style most commonly used Visualforce components with the lightning Stylesheets attribute.
  • Personalize the Navigation Bar in Less Time – Salesforce has made it easier for users to personalize their navigation in Lightning. In the enhanced navigation bar editor, it’s easier to search through favorites or all available items to select what to add. Just drag and drop to re-order.


Marketing users know how powerful Campaigns are to link marketing initiatives with leads and opportunities. And they will appreciate the  ability to control access to campaign members, add campaign members by account, get faster access to campaign hierarchies, and more.

These features are only available in Lightning, so if you weren’t convinced by the UI and report builder maybe this will make you change your mind.

Campaign filter list views

  • Filter Lead and Contact List Views by Campaign – Marketing users can find all leads or contacts associated with a campaign without leaving the Leads or Contacts tab. 
  • Add All Contacts from an Account to Campaigns – Users can search for contacts by account and add some or all contacts to a campaign. From the Campaign Members related list, click Add Contacts and search for an account name. Then, add some or all Contacts; it’s that easy.
  • View Campaign Hierarchies Faster – Marketing users can now jump from campaign detail pages to the hierarchy view of the campaign with one click. Use a campaign hierarchy to group campaigns together within a specific marketing program or initiative. This helps you analyze related marketing efforts and their results more efficiently.

Data Protection and Privacy

From individual data privacy to GDPR, data protection and privacy has been a hot topic lately. Salesforce has improved the previously released Individual object to address new data laws and regulations.

  • Data Privacy Record to Be Retained when Merging Records – This is an easier process to merge leads and contacts that have existing data privacy records. If you’d prefer to always retain the most recently modified data privacy record, you can specify that preference in Setup.
  • The Individual Object Supports Standard Object Features – Creating data privacy records based on the Individual object helps you store certain data privacy preferences for your customers. The Individual object now supports all standard object features.
  • Make Users’ Personal Data Unusable by Salesforce at Their Request – When users no longer want their personal data recognized in Salesforce, you can permanently scramble it with a new Apex method.

We’ve only scratched the surface here. Drop us a line if there is a Summer ’18 release feature you’d like to hear more about in a future article.