Summer ’17 Release: Sales Cloud Top Features and Highlights


Summer is officially here and so is the Salesforce Summer ’17 release. We’ve gathered a round-up of some of the features and enhancements we’re most excited about.

Campaign Management

When you look at Campaigns in Summer ’17, you’ll see Campaign History and Field Tracking have been added. This will allow marketers and sales reps to see what has changed on a campaign record. For example, if a start date or end date has been changed, you’ll be able to see those changes in the Campaign History related list. Another way for sales and marketing to stay up-to-date with recent changes.

You’ll also be able to add Campaign Members from a report. This is a quick and efficient way to add large lists of leads or contacts to any campaign, including selecting a customized member status. You can also add campaign members from the contact related list on the Account.

Campaign Management in Summer 17 release


And, you can add the Campaign Influence related list added to the Account page layout. So, you’ll be able to see more quickly which campaigns are contributing to lead conversion and closed deals for any account.


Duplicate management

Spring ’17 brought you new duplicate management features, and now Summer ’17 is building on those feature for greater functionality. In Summer ’17, you’ll be able to uncover cross-object matches within Lightning duplicate component. So, you’ll not only be able to see potential duplicate leads within the Lead object, but also potential duplicates in Person Accounts, Contacts or custom objects. For example, if your organization is using a custom object to store members or volunteers, you’ll be able to see those in the duplicate management component.


Lead and Lead Convert

Summer ’17 will have enhancements to Account matching during lead conversion so that you’ll be able to see the Account in the account name field. This will help cut down on the number of clicks in the conversion process. In addition, during conversion any files and and content deliveries will be carried over to the associated Contact record.


Contact Enhancements

Contacts will have the contact hierarchy available with Summer ’17. Similar to the account hierarchy, you’ll be able to establish and visually represent complex relationships of contacts at a particular account. This feature will support up to 2K records and you’ll be able to customize the columns as well as hover to view related record information.

Contact Enhancement in Summer 17 release



Opportunity Management

The ability to search for an Opportunity by Account will enhance the opportunity management functionality. This will help to focus opportunity search results for organizations that have many opportunities, with similar names, across accounts.

Opportunity Stage History will also be available. This will help you not only see who’s made changes to your opportunities, but also gives sales managers and operations insights to opportunity trends. For example, you can see if deals growing or decreasing during the opportunity process.



During the Spring ’17 release Sales Path was renamed to Path because it is now available on Quotes and custom objects. In the current release, Path can be added to Contracts and Orders. And the Path component can be packaged, meaning ISVs can include Path with their custom objects and AppExchange apps.  It’s a great tool for admins too. Admins can package a Path in sandbox before pushing to production.


Collaborative Forecasting

Collaborative Forecasting was first introduced in the spring release. Now, Summer ’17 release will include support forecasting for product families. In Lightning, you can decide which product families are relevant to forecasting. For example, you have multiple product families, but you only want to forecast on a few of them, now you can.

Salesforce has also made improvements to the list views in forecasting, including containing more contacts. And if you’ve sorted or filtered or expanded certain records and you navigate away from the tab, Salesforce will remember the work you done when you return to the tab.

Collaborative Forecasting in Summer 17 release


Let us know if there is a Summer ’17 feature you’d like to hear more about in a future article.

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