Six Salesforce Memes to Make Your Day

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a meme should be good for a few minutes of LOL, or at least a little chuckle.

We’ve gathered some of our favorite Salesforce memes from around the internet. Whether you’re an administrator or user there’s something for everyone.

Take a few minutes and enjoy!

1. Stop creating custom object (or fields) when standard will work just fine.

Salesforce comes with standard objects, fields and processes that in many cases, can be adapted to your business. Simply renaming a field or object is a lot easier than creating everything from scratch.

2. Record type or Page Layout

Record types and Page Layouts can be a bit confusing for newbies, but knowing the difference and when it’s appropriate to use each can give you more flexibility and control in your org. To avoid unused or redundant record types make sure you really have a valid use case for creating new record types. (RE: “Less is More”)

3. Duplicates happen

Hey, in a fast-paced, digital world duplicates are bound to happen. Just make sure you are using automation to find and resolve them and performing regular data hygiene cleansing. Excessive duplicates are often a symptom of a larger data hygiene issue. In this case, an ounce of prevention really is worth a pound of cure.

4. Salesforce Adoption

It’s tough love, people. When, as an organization, you commit to making data-driven decisions there must be data in Salesforce to report and analyze. This is a mantra adopted by many companies, especially if there are multiple systems “tracking” the same data; Salesforce must be the single source of truth. (If you haven’t heard this at least a dozen times from your Salesforce administrator you must be a Salesforce user super-star. Good for you!)

5. Dreamforce 2017 is coming

For anyone who has previously attended, Dreamforce is a week of learning about new Salesforce features and partner apps, squeezing in a new certification, and geeking out with other Salesforce die-hards. After the keynotes and highly anticipated headlining entertainment, you’ll come back inspired and re-energized. If you haven’t attended before, put it on your bucket list for 2017.

6. It’s a dirty job, and Salesforce Admins love to do it.

Ah, yes. Some might say an Admin’s job is a dirty job. It’s certainly a job that is never done and not for the faint of heart. But, it can also be very rewarding. Being a Salesforce Administrator means you have a set of powerful tools and features at your fingertips that can provide near instant impact for your organization. You can automate business processes and make your users’ lives easier. And that’s why we Admins love it.

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