After some delay, Salesforce is preparing to release a series of improvements and enhancements on July 10 and July 18–the Summer ’20 Release. (These dates may be subject to change.)

With each release, Salesforce publishes release notes, documenting any changes to existing functionality. The list below highlights certain improvements in the Summer ‘20 Release that stand out for their enhancements to user experience or for their impact on productivity.

1. Work through lists more quickly with Split List Views

With Split List Views, you can open individual records on a list while keeping the List View open in a side panel. This allows you to quickly work through lists while viewing the List View on the left side of your screen and the individual record pages on the right.

Split View can be enabled by clicking the Display As dropdown in the top-right portion of your screen.

2. Streamline Lightning record pages with Dynamic Forms

Dynamic Forms give you the ability to have more control over your Salesforce record pages. You can create subsections of fields and control whether your users see them based on visibility rules. This can lead to less page layouts as a single page can be customized for your various user profiles.

This feature is currently in non-GA preview and can only be leveraged on custom object pages.

3. Prepare your org for releases with Release Updates

The new Release Updates feature gives you better insight into upcoming changes in your org and any actions required from your team. You can also start and stop test drives of new features.

Release Updates is currently in Beta and can be accessed by navigating to Setup and entering Release Updates in the Quick Find section.

4. Set up Opportunity email alerts in Lightning

This release gives you the ability to set up email alerts for highly impactful Opportunities in Lightning. You can trigger email alerts when an Opportunity reaches a certain amount and probability.

To enable this feature, enter Big Deal Alerts in the Quick Find box in Setup.

5. Improvements to Flows 

Flows can now start when a record is saved or edited. This allows Flow actions to be executed after the user saves a record or just before saving. This release also brings enhancements to Flow debugging and makes it easier to create and edit flows with a new Flow window.

The Salesforce Summer ‘20 Release Notes document all upcoming changes and improvements. It’s important to keep track of each release as adjustments to your org could affect your users. Releases also provide an opportunity to increase adoption by introducing new features to your team.