As we get into May, we’re looking back at some of the top blogs for Salesforce in April. Last month brought tips on Lead to Cash, how to maximize your lightning pages, and some of the top features for Summer 2019! Check out what our favorites were and grab some tips along the way:

“My Favorite Summer ‘19 Features”

The Summer ‘19 release will be available May 18, June 5, or June 15 (depending on your version of Sales Cloud). This release brings a new feature, enhanced related lists, and the ability to create custom prompts for training users in Lightning.

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“Intro to Salesforce Lead-to-Cash”

Many organizations are seeking to build a fully-integrated software solution through Salesforce. Nuvem co-founder, Matt Dillon, shows how sales, marketing, and operations teams can work more efficiently through an integrated enterprise system.

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“Maximize Your Lightning Pages with New Enhanced Related Lists”

This feature, new in Summer ‘19 release, allows more data to be displayed in related lists on page layouts.

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“6 Duplicate Rules You Need to Activate Right Now”

Salesforce provides three out-of-the-box duplicate rules for Leads, Contacts, and Accounts. Building additional rules can preserve data quality by addressing more duplicate scenarios.

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“7 Killer User Tips for the Everyday Pardot Marketer”

It’s difficult to know all the ins and outs of Pardot. Discover seven tips from a seasoned Pardot consultant.  

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Need more tips on optimizing Salesforce to your organization? We’re here to help! Get in touch with us to see what the Summer 2019 features and the rest of these tips mean for your team.