Salesforce CPQ Partnership Widens Nuvem’s Portfolio of Configure Price Quote Solutions

Nuvem Consulting has partnered with Salesforce CPQ to expand configure-price-quote software consulting capabilities on the Salesforce platform.

CPQ software can rapidly transform how your sales team provides pricing and quotes to customers, streamlining your sales process and increasing your close ratio.

Reducing the time it takes to provide quotes is one of the critical ways businesses are improving customer experience and winning more deals. It also ensures your team is providing consistent pricing in compliance of regulations such as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.

“If it takes several days to put together pricing for customers, that’s a risky position you put your business in,” said Matt Dillon, Nuvem co-founder. “Statistics prove the sooner you get back to prospects with the information they need to make a decision, the more likely you will get them as a customer. You must have a customer-centric, efficient quoting process.”

Beyond CRM

Partnering with Salesforce CPQ with Nuvem’s strategy to provide Salesforce customers with solutions that take Salesforce beyond CRM.

As a full-service systems integrator and Salesforce implementation partner, Nuvem offers a rich portfolio of services that meet the growing technology demands of the enterprise beyond customer relationship management.

“So many Salesforce customers are wanting to streamline their pricing processes so it’s a natural evolution to look for a CPQ software product,” Dillon said. “We’re excited to start working with Salesforce CPQ on solutions that continue to redefine how businesses are generating a competitive edge.”

Salesforce CPQ’s native solution enables sales reps and account managers to generate professional-looking quotes as a PDF and attach them to emails. Customizable templates provide consistent, branded quotes, and are saved in the quote record for easy access and tracking. Salesforce CPQ includes built-in reports and dashboards to help users stay current with new quotes and close rates.

Choosing a CPQ Solution

While Sales Cloud offers some price book and quoting functionalities, businesses with challenging quotation and pricing structures typically need to look outside of Sales Cloud in order to meet their requirements. Salesforce CPQ is one of several options Salesforce users have.

“Building solid requirements and conducting a thorough analysis of your needs will help you choose the best product for your goals,” Dillon said. “They each have different features and pricing so what will be a great fit for some customers might not be the best option for others. You really have to build effective requirements in order to understand what’s right for you.”

The Nuvem team has also completed the necessary training certifications to lead Salesforce CPQ projects successfully.

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About Nuvem Consulting

Nuvem is the Midwest’s leading full service, multi-platform Salesforce consulting partner. We transform businesses for the future by building integrated software systems that streamline processes, improve the customer experience and drive revenue growth. We take a customer-centric approach to consulting that starts with a thorough discovery and requirements process to ensure your end solution creates long-term value and drives real business results. Our experienced team delivers honest, flexible and practical solutions on time and on budget. Learn more at

About Salesforce CPQ

Salesforce CPQ provides next-generation Configure Price Quote (CPQ) apps that are deployed 5 to 10 times faster than legacy CPQ applications. The company’s SaaS solutions are built 100 percent native on Salesforce and enable sales reps and partners to create accurate sales quotes quickly and submit orders on the fly from any desktop or mobile device. Salesforce CPQ powers sales for more than 200 high-growth customers including Cloudera, Nimble Storage, HootSuite. and Marketo. The company is backed by $30M in capital from leading cloud investors Salesforce Ventures, Shasta Ventures and Emergence Capital. For more, go to

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