Nuvem Consultants’ 5 Favorite Apps on the Salesforce AppExchange


The AppExchange is a great resource for Salesforce users looking to save time and money. Instead of building or integrating solutions from scratch, you can search through thousands of apps and customer reviews to help you find the best match to solve your business problem.

But with thousands of apps to research, it can be a bit overwhelming. Here are 5 apps the Nuvem consulting team regularly use and recommend to clients. Keep in mind, these are apps generally applicable to broad audiences. There are many other apps designed for specific functions – contact us if you need help assessing your options!

1. Cirrus Insight for Gmail, Outlook, Office 365

Cirrus Insight is like having Salesforce right in your inbox. With Cirrus Insight, users can create and update Leads, Contacts, Accounts, Opportunities, Cases, Tasks, and more (even custom objects) right from their inbox. It helps eliminate tedious data entry by bringing Salesforce right into your inbox and daily workflow; so, no more flipping between tabs and copying/pasting. One of our favorites is the calendar share feature. You can either share times or your calendar directly with prospects, so scheduling calls is a breeze.

The most common issues we hear from Sales leaders across industries is about user adoption, whether their team is logging activities in Salesforce, and data cleanliness. Cirrus Insight helps with both. Salespeople don’t like to do ‘paperwork’ so the easier it is to log activities, emails, calendar events, etc. the better. And by eliminating the back and forth copying/pasting between Salesforce and your inbox you’re lowering the risk for error, keeping your data accurate.

Cirrus Insight has become the second highest customer rated sales application of all-time on the Salesforce AppExchange. They have a 14 day Free Trial, so try it out for yourself.

2. Cloudingo

Duplicates in Salesforce have always been a source of pain for administrators, marketers and sales reps alike. If your team doesn’t trust the data in your org it can be devastating for user adoption and confidence. Data hygiene and management is critical for your Salesforce success.

We often recommend Cloudingo for clients looking for a solution to manage and/or remove duplicate data in your existing database. You create filters with criteria to find matching records and then you have the choice to merge records manually, automatically or in bulk. There are tons of matching styles like exact, fuzzy, first or last number of characters, and it can catch name variations, like Robert and Bob.

Your marketing team will love the de-duping of import record capabilities. You can create new records or update existing ones, update blank fields on individual records or across all records, such as Lead Source (super helpful with event lists). You can also upload records and compare them to both Leads and Contacts in a single job, assign new Contacts to existing Accounts, add notes, or assign records to Salesforce campaigns.

Cloudingo can be configured to run in the background, searching for and merging duplicates continuously or scheduled to run daily, weekly or whenever you want. Hailed as an all-in-one de-duping and data cleansing tool, in our opinion Cloudingo delivers what native Salesforce de-duplication functionality doesn’t.

3. Conga Composer

Have you spent hours copying and pasting information from Salesforce into a proposal, contract or report? Conga Composer could be the answer.

Conga Composer has been a go-to-app for more than 10 years.It allows Salesforce users to generate Word and Excel to PowerPoint, PDF and HTML documents from data in Sales Cloud. Administrators set up templates with merge fields for standard or custom objects. Users select which template to use and the merge fields will populate with the data automatically. Then you can send the newly created document to your prospect or customer. Conga Composer can even take care of activity logging and automatically post to your Chatter feed.

Even if you’re not sure whether Conga is the right product for you, you can visit the AppExchange and start the 30-day free trial Conga offers to find out. Just click the green ‘Get It Now’ button and log into your Salesforce instance to start installing. Getting Conga to populate your documents the way you want them does take some time and effort, but once it’s set-up it will save you many hours down the road. Set-up might require your Salesforce administrator to spend some time with a Conga professional support specialist.

We think Conga Composer will continue to be a go-to-app for another 10 years.

4. Mass Update And Mass Edit From List View

Mass Update and Mass Edit is one of our favorite work-horse apps. Most users and admins can’t believe this isn’t standard functionality within Salesforce.

This app allows you to quickly and easily update and/or edit selected records from any filter view or related list. This is a big time saver when you need to mass edit or update a lot of records. But, if you’re editing a large portion of your database, may be the better tool for the job.

Out-of-the box, the tool can be used with Campaigns, Leads, Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities, Contracts, Products, Cases, Solutions and Assets. And with a little customization it can be used on custom objects as well.

It’s great for those who need to mass update or edit records, like mass reparenting records, mass transfer records, or setting a field to an empty value.

This app can be a blessing and a pain. In my career I’ve personally seen the Mass Update button used to fictitiously advance Opportunities through the pipeline. So, admins beware and implement wisely.

5. WalkMe

WalkMe is a great way for admins to help with training, adoption and on-boarding by adding an overlay to your Salesforce webpage. Employees can ask for help at any time and get a step-by-step walk through of what to do.

WalkMe is not actually installed into your Salesforce Org from the AppExchange, it is a browser extension that installs into Mozilla Firefox. (Although you will use AppExchange to install a snippet of code once you’re ready to deploy your Walk-thru to your Salesforce org.)

It’s easy to get started and create your Walk-thru tutorials. First, you create the overlays for your webpages. Then, enter text about each step in the process and illustrate how the user moves from one step to the next. You can even include article or video links so users can easily find even more resources for help.

WalkMe can be used for anything from employee on-boarding to release or new feature training in your org. And it’s easy to set-up in both large and small orgs. While WalkMe may not be a true app in the AppExchange, rather a browser extension that uses an app for deployment, it’s too good not to include in this list.

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