Do You Need a Salesforce Health Check?

Do you need a Salessforce Health Check

Salesforce is like a living and breathing team member in your company. Your CRM has been growing, developing, and changing since implementation. And it needs regular checkups to stay healthy and perform at its best. While you may have had Salesforce for a long time and it may be working well for you, you still want to ensure that your investment is reaping returns leading to effective sales processes, automated business processes and insights into key metrics.

Here are a few scenarios that could mean your Salesforce is due for a trip to the doctor.

You have more robust security needs.

As businesses grow and change, so can security needs, and a Security Health Check also includes a check up for your security settings. As an admin, you can use the Salesforce Security Health Check tool to identify and fix potential vulnerabilities in your security settings. You can now see and fix security risks in your Session Settings, Password Policies, and Network Access settings. Security Health Check lets you understand and proactively fix your org’s security risks and vulnerabilities from a single page within your org’s Setup.

Security Health Check

You implemented more than a year ago.

The only thing that is constant is change. Your business is always changing and evolving. Does your original implementation still align with your company and business initiatives? You may only need a few tweaks or may be time for an overhaul.

Salesforce Optimizer Report is a feature that evaluates your Salesforce instances to determine how your company uses certain features, then identifies ways that you can improve them. The Optimizer focuses on determining ways to simplify customizations and drive adoption of features. This reports gives you concrete recommendations for how you can improve your Salesforce experience.

Optimizer Report

You have complex data flowing across departments.

A health check can help you better understand how your data flows throughout your business; between departments or third-party integrated systems. If you’re not integrating with other operational systems, this can be a good time connect the dots and integrate all your business data into Salesforce, making it your system of truth. It can also determine the best way to share information throughout your organization and how long it will take to make the proper process changes.

You’ve run out of ideas to improve your operating efficiency.

If you’re feeling frustrated that you aren’t getting the results you expected from Salesforce it may be time to take a step back. Analyze your business strategy and processes and how they can be improved and optimized. Then, you can re-evaluate how you are leveraging Salesforce’s capabilities.

There are new features in every Salesforce release, which is why we recommend a system health check at least every six months. Whether you implemented five years ago or one year ago, a full system health check can help you keep pace with the speed of change in your business.

Overall, calling in a consultant for a system health check is one of the best ways to align business processes with Salesforce best practices to get the most return on your investment. Keep in mind Optimizer is a great admin DIY tool however it evaluates some, not all, of your features and customizations. Plus, you’ll get excellent advice from a team of professionals who know basically everything there is to know about Salesforce.

Do you need a health check?

Let’s talk more about a Salesforce Health Check for your business.

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