The handoff between marketing and sales doesn’t need to be complicated anymore.

There has long been a disconnect between marketing and sales, and the business software world is catching on, especially if you’re a Salesforce customer.

Users and developers of business applications are favoring a one-stop-shop approach across the board. However, even though there is a need for it, there has not been a fully connected business technology ecosystem like Salesforce.

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Fully-Integrated Customer Systems

Using one platform to improve your company’s business software and meet all of your user’s needs can be one of the most effective ways to streamline processes and promote growth. Getting good, qualified leads into the pipeline is vital, but you need to engage at the right time with the right cadence.

Lead-to-Cash” is a term used to describe a fully integrated, comprehensive, cloud-based software ecosystem that enables users to get a 360-degree view of their customers. 

Sales reps know their job is never complete — from awareness, acquisition, onboarding, account management, cross-selling, renewals, and repeat. To help drive more qualified leads than you thought possible while streamlining marketing, sales, support, operations, and accounting — we’ve developed a free video series explaining the Salesforce Lead to Cash process! Part two is focused entirely on how Salesforce gives you a 360 view of the complete sales lifecycle and, ultimately, a seamless end-to-end process.


  • Aligning your handoff from marketing to sales
  • Engaging at the right time with the right cadence with customer 360
  • Automating your marketing through the complete lifecycle
  • Measuring your successes and tracking KPIs

See how you can create a full 360-degree view of the customer to facilitate account management and prospecting in Part 2 of our video series, “Sales Cloud and Customer 360”!

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