Dreamforce 2014 Tips

We’re using the hashtag #powerofdo to talk about specific ways to take great ideas from Dreamforce and make them a reality. Check out our contest below for a chance to win in our Salesforce Training giveaway! The opportunities are endless – what will you DO about it?!

Salesforce never disappoints with Dreamforce each year. But as Dreamforce veterans, we know it might be an intimidating and overwhelming experience for some not used to such excitement and commotion.


The one thing we stress to our customers and partners attending the event is to go in with a plan. Understanding your goals and setting your agenda in advance goes a long way in making sure you get the ROI you were promised when you signed up. Attending Dreamforce is a big investment for many companies but it is well worth the expense if you can go home with lots of great tips and best practices that will improve how your team uses Salesforce so you can more quickly and easily reach your business goals.

We put together a list of our top 5 Dreamforce 2014 tips below.

1. Plan Your Dreamforce Roadmap

Again, we can’t stress this enough. Make a list of goals for Dreamforce and questions you want answered before you leave on your trip. Collaborate with other users in your company to create a company wish list based on your specific business objectives. Select breakout sessions that will help you reach your goals. But, also be open to sessions that don’t necessarily fit with your daily routine. Sessions outside your comfort zone will help broaden your horizons with Salesforce and become more informed about issues and trends that impact different jobs, departments, industries and business types. This will ultimately help you use Salesforce more effectively in the long run.

2. Stay Organized

Once the event gets underway, you won’t have a lot of time to build or change your agenda. Set your sessions at least a week in advance, or longer, then print off your schedule. You can use the mobile app to keep track of your schedule, too. You will also want to consider how you will take notes. We recommend Evernote as a quick and easy way to take notes during each session, then share notebooks with others. Using Word or plain text editor makes it much more difficult to separate notes by session and track where they’re stored on your computer.

3. Be Social

Salesforce talks a lot about the social enterprise, so it’s important to use this channel for many aspects of your business. Share ideas and recommendations through the Dreamforce chatter feed exclusively for event registrants. You can also follow @salesforce@dreamforce and many other sponsors, consultants and product evangelists on Twitter for regular event updates. Use the hashtag #df14 to connect with others, follow event news, read interesting quotes and learn tips from breakout sessions. You can also use these tools to find people you may know and local users to help with networking. See this list of Salesforce people to follow on Twitter.

4. Be Comfortable

This is not an event for high heels. Wear comfortable shoes and bring a light sweater or jacket. That being said, maintain a professional appearance. You never know whom you may meet. Also, keep your purse and/or laptop bag light. You might be walking quite a bit, and it’s no fun lugging heavy bags around. And, bring a refillable water bottle to stay hydrated. Water stations are available throughout Moscone Center and other venues.

5. Don’t forget the Cloud expo!

Vendors at the cloud expo paid good money to help sponsor the event. The cloud expo is a one-stop place to gather cards from ISV AppExchange partners, consultants, Salesforce reps and other users who can help with your Dreamforce roadmap. Have a list of vendors you may be interested in beforehand but don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone. Make sure you have plenty of business cards!

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