If your company has an indirect sales channel such as a dealer network or agents who resell your products and services, Salesforce Partner Communities is a compelling tool to collaborate with partners on opportunities and share resources.

Communities, along with Sales Cloud CRM and Pardot, enable sales and marketing activities at your company to sync with those of your indirect sales team.

Learn how Solutionary leveraged the Community Cloud framework to build a partner portal in just 30 days!


Solutionary, an NTT Group Security Company (NYSE: NTT), is the next generation managed security services provider (MSSP), focused on delivering managed security services and global threat intelligence. Comprehensive Solutionary security monitoring and security device management services protect traditional and virtual IT infrastructures, cloud environments and mobile data. Solutionary clients are able to optimize current security programs, make informed security decisions, achieve regulatory compliance and reduce costs.

Experienced, certified Solutionary security experts act as an extension of clients’ internal teams, providing industry-leading client service to global enterprise and mid-market clients in a wide range of industries, including financial services, healthcare, retail and government.

Business Problem

In a fast-moving and competitive industry, timing is everything. The right data must be available to the right person at the right time in order to win deals and grow revenue.

Acquired by NTT in 2013, Omaha-based Solutionary needed to manage their partner sales channel effectively in order to maintain a trend towards rapid growth.

They also needed to stay a step ahead of the competition by implementing a system for partners that supported their success. Among their Channel Partner benefits are highly efficient sales, marketing and operational processes that include quick and easy collaboration on opportunities and deals.


Historically, these type of portals took months and even years to develop using programs such as Java, PHP and .NET. This not only drained people and financial resources, but also delayed ROI. Not to mention, these programs weren’t integration friendly and the rapid speed of technology innovation meant they were nearly outdated by the time they were implemented.

Solutionary couldn’t wait to develop a traditional portal. To their teams, waiting means lost opportunities and a roadblock to meeting their growth goals.

“The industry we are in is high growth, and there is a lot going on, so I needed to have a competitive advantage. And that advantage was the ability for my partners to reach right into my organization and get what they needed. Whether it was pricing or technology recommendations, or contract work. Waiting for someone to call back doesn’t work in this economy and doesn’t work certainly in our industry.”

Manny Quevedo, Executive Vice President

Solutionary, an NTT Group Security Company


Having partnered with Nuvem Consulting on previous projects, Solutionary brought Nuvem in to conduct a thorough discovery of their needs and define the system requirements.

Along with Solutionary’s internal team, Nuvem created a roadmap for Solutionary’s Partner Community using Salesforce Community Cloud. Salesforce Community Cloud provides a framework for organizations to rapidly build branded portals that can be customized and optimized for mobile.

The solution featured the following elements:

  • Custom layout with a seamless transition between the main website and Partner Portal Community
  • Mobile optimization with a consistent user experience across multiple devices and operating systems
  • Refine the UI and UX to facilitate the desired user behavior
  • Streamlined partner experience with improved processes that make it easier and faster to register deals and find the information they need at the time they need it
  • Reports detailing opportunity status and progress towards goals
  • Integration with Sales Cloud CRM, Service Cloud and RemedyForce


With the help of a committed internal team and agile development process, Nuvem and Solutionary were able to develop the Partner Community within 30 days.

Nuvem used past projects and experiences with portals and Web development to understand the requirements and processes required to execute the project quickly and successfully.

Nuvem also developed a Roadmap for the Community in which certain “must have” features were rolled out first while other less critical features were saved for future releases. The company plans to expand its integration of the knowledge database, for example.

Solutionary achieved strong value in partnering with Nuvem to create and deploy the Partner Community. The Solutionary team was highly satisfied with the work Nuvem did in creating an accelerated path towards accomplishing their goals.

Watch: Solutionary Vice President Describes Experience with Nuvem