As one of the nation’s leading providers of custom research services to healthcare organizations, Professional Research Consultants, Inc., (PRC) needed the right tool to manage leads and customer accounts. The company also needed a tool that could reduce process inefficiencies in survey management, including sample data and sample groups. PRC found a solution in

More than just a CRM, Salesforce offers enterprise customers a development platform that enables them to customize solutions for their unique needs. In PRC’s case, those needs included project management, workflows, integration, and third-party application solutions on the AppExchange.


And, although PRC team members had a vision for what they wanted their technology to do, executing that vision with limited resources and time proved challenging. That’s why they turned to Omaha-based Salesforce consulting firm, Nuvem Consulting, for help. Nuvem completed a robust discovery process that helped PRC develop a plan for re-engineering select business processes using a Salesforce AppExchange product called “ProcessComposer,” which had greater functionality than the standard out-of-the-box Process Builder tool in Salesforce.

PRC had previously managed samples and changes using inefficient legacy systems that were difficult to update. This created communication, process, and workflow problems across multiple departments.

Using ProcessComposer to tackle the first of 13 processes it set out to improve, Nuvem streamlined how PRC addressed survey modifications that clients requested by designing a three-cycle iterative process to manage client changes and approvals more efficiently.

Adding process functionality to PRC’s Sales Cloud system not only promises to improve efficiency and reduce costs, but also stands to improve the value the custom research firm is getting from Salesforce. Managing the survey sample data and changes in Salesforce along with their CRM enables client relationship managers and project managers to enhance client service.using salesforce to automate internal processes

“We have been very excited to see how we can leverage ProcessComposer and improve communication internally,” said Michael Ray, Director of Business Analytics and Decision Support at PRC. “Enhancing our processes and information handoffs from department to department ensures everyone has the right information, and that it’s passed along effectively.”

Bringing in the team at Nuvem helped ensure PRC was going down the right path to make Salesforce improvements that would fulfill its vision and solve a key business challenge.

“We didn’t want to reinvent the wheel. What Nuvem brought to the table for us with its experience and technical abilities really helped jumpstart us,” Ray said. “The whole team has a high level of professionalism and leadership.”

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