Like many mid-market manufacturing companies, Nox-Crete Products Group is always looking for ways to increase sales and improve profitability.

nebraska chemical company implements salesforce

The Omaha-based manufacturer of chemical solutions for concrete must effectively manage relationships and projects among a complex network of end users, contractors and distributors, in order to provide a streamlined experience for their community. That enables them to identify and close new opportunities, and stay competitive.

Old Homegrown CRM Increasingly Ineffective

When Craig Coppersmith, Vice President of Technical Sales and Marketing, joined the team in 2012, he found it increasingly difficult to use the company’s homegrown CRM, considering it had limited integration capabilities and did not handle pricing, quoting and ordering effectively.

Having worked with Salesforce in a previous role, Coppersmith began taking steps to transform the business using the Salesforce platform. He sought the help of an outside consulting firm to help him create and execute a Salesforce Roadmap that would grow Nox-Crete Products Group for the future. That’s when he found Nuvem Consulting.

Thorough Up-Front Discovery Ensures an End Product that Truly Works

Matt Schuett, Senior Consultant at Nuvem, worked through a robust discovery process with various Nox-Crete teams in order to clearly define their needs, requirements and goals. Schuett identified integrations, customizations, third-party apps and ongoing maintenance required to execute a successful implementation.

“Matt Schuett did a great job for us,” Coppersmith said. “He took the time to do his due diligence. We had a lot of interviews at the beginning stages of the project. As a result, we were able to really put together a Salesforce platform that was specific and customized to the needs we had. At the end of the day, that made a big difference for us.”

Key Sales Cloud Functionalities and Customizations

Nox-Crete uses Sales Cloud to manage Contacts, Leads and Opportunities; configure pricing and quotes; generate orders; and more. The system is integrated with a third-party database that provides sales leads from construction projects.

The implementation also included customization and installation of several AppExchange apps, including “Generate Quotes to Orders,” “Attachment Notifier” and “Custom Quote Sync.”

Maximizing Sales Cloud functionality and taking it beyond CRM, to include functions such as configure-price-quote (CPQ), is one way many customers are getting a higher ROI with Salesforce.

Salesforce as the Central Command Center

In addition to more effective relationship management, the system also enables teams to manage their daily activities and projects all from one place. Salesforce is now the go-to command center where employees get the information they need in order to close more deals and provide better service.

“In my position, Salesforce is indispensable,” Coppersmith said. “It’s a tool that can help you become more efficient and more successful.”

Nox-Crete on Working with Nuvem Consulting

Coppersmith was pleased with the relationship he built with the Nuvem team during the implementation and post-implementation stages. Nox-Crete leveraged Nuvem’s unique Salesforce Roadmapping process to build a system that would grow their business well into the future. A thorough up-front discovery analysis was critical to ensuring Nox-Crete could realize immediate value and strong adoption when the system went live.

“One of the reasons we went with Nuvem is that we were very impressed with their due diligence at the beginning stages of the project. By that I mean they came in and spent hours with us to understand our business processes, understand what drove us and what helped us to find success,” Coppersmith said.

Nox-Crete also enjoyed the flexibility of an agile development process.

“I think it’s very natural and normal for a scope of work to change a little bit through the process. For us, those changes were well received by Nuvem,” Coppersmith said. “It was a true partnership. And that partnership helped give us the best system.”