Integration is a critical way organizations are improving efficiency. Integration connects disparate systems so teams can share data, automate business processes and improve employee and customer experiences.

For this project, Nuvem used Jitterbit to complete a unique set of requirements for a grants management software company.custom ERP integration


eCivis is the nation’s leading grants management software solution for local governments and community-based organizations. Founded in 2000, eCivis provides grants management solutions to hundreds of cities, counties, special districts, schools and school districts, higher education institutions, health care institutions and nonprofit organizations. Their product. “Grants Network: Tracking & Reporting,” allows organizations to manage grants, eliminate errors with one-click reporting, and track projects through every milestone in the grants process.


eCivis clients must diligently track every use of grant funding for accountability and compliance purposes. Reporting transaction data as money is spent must be accurate and timely.

eCivis clients have a high level of satisfaction with their software but voiced their interests in integrating their ERP systems with Grants Network so employees did not have to track data in two separate systems. Clients wanted the ability to extract financial grant information from their financial systems and combine that information with programmatic information in eCivis. This would improve efficiency because employees would no longer need to re-enter financial data into another spreadsheet or application to prepare complicated reports or assess progress.

Vendor Selection

eCivis needed a skilled partner to help build an integration with logic that could be re-used with minimal customization for each client. eCivis was eager to use a flexible development model with fixed costs that offered a combination of resources for maximum ROI. Jitterbit recommended the team at Nuvem for the project because of their expertise in integration and work with Independent Software Vendors (ISVs).


The integration solution includes core and extension components built using Jitterbit Studio and custom integration. Each integration for an eCivis client includes core logic and custom adjustments for that client’s process and data transformation needs. The ability to replicate the process as much as possible helps keep costs low for eCivis and their clients.

Using a sandbox and production integration server, Nuvem is able to conduct the QA testing portion of the integration project quickly and efficiently. The sandbox increases agility and provides the team with the opportunity to test the integration as if it were live, which also improves accuracy.


Nuvem was responsible for customizing, testing and launching the integration for the first few eCivis clients who purchased the integration add-on. Once the integration process for each client is well established, eCivis plans to handle further client integrations internally.

In April, the City of Harris County, Texas; BOOM! Health in New York City; and, the City of Santa Rosa, California, completed their integration of eCivis Grants Network. Current eCivis integrations are processing over 30,000 records weekly. Considering these updates were previously done manually, the integration has greatly improved efficiency in the grants management process.

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