Two years into their implementation, Shane Piper knew his organization was missing out on getting the best return possible from their Salesforce investment.

As the National Sales Manager at Hudl, a rapidly growing ISV headquartered in Lincoln, Nebraska, Piper was responsible for meeting aggressive sales goals. Hudl is the leading provider of cloud video analysis and coaching tools that help teams from youth to the NFL across multiple sports.

While his 34-person strong sales team was using Salesforce to manage new Leads, they were still using Excel spreadsheets to uncover sales opportunities at existing Accounts. They used the spreadsheets to manage more than 250,000 contacts at schools across the country. Many of those contacts were prospects at existing accounts where there were opportunities to sell to more teams within the same school system. They also had to cross reference opportunities with their accounting team that uses another system to handle transactional billing.

“We really wanted to sell deeper into accounts,” Piper said. “But the workflow our sales reps were using was clunky and inefficient. We were missing a lot of potential value with data available to us that wasn’t in Salesforce.”

Piper wanted to integrate their systems and migrate all their great data into Salesforce but doing that internally while continuing to focus on closing deals and growing business would be a challenge. That’s when he asked his Salesforce rep for a referral to a Salesforce partner who could build a custom API between their transactional billing system and migrate their spreadsheet data into Salesforce.

Their rep recommended they meet with Nuvem Consulting, a local Salesforce consulting firm based in Omaha.

Nuvem reviewed the project requirements in detail to provide an accurate estimate of the project scope and cost.

“Nuvem was very professional about learning our business case and application before giving us price quotes,” Piper said. “If people make too many assumptions in qualifying the need, their proposal doesn’t reflect what will get the project done and implemented.”

Piper described his experience with Nuvem as “awesome.”

“The processes and steps were documented to make sure we were tracking towards the same end goal,” he said. “People make all the difference in these types of projects. We had incredible representation. Like any project, you run into bumps in the road but those bumps felt very minor.”

Now, his team can generate reports on opportunities within existing accounts in a matter of seconds, not days.

“It’s a little priceless because without the expertise and guidance, we never would have gotten to where we are today,” he said. “Nuvem has really changed the value we are getting out of that investment, which has been significant.”

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