CKF is a leading distributor of stone countertops and fine-wood cabinetry in Nebraska and Iowa. In addition to commercial selling, CKF works directly with homeowners to create custom kitchen designs and styles that matches their tastes. The company has showrooms where individuals can sample different cabinet and countertop styles and meet with designers who help bring their vision to life.

Since the company’s opening in 1923, CKF stored all their lead and customer information on paper. As a result, they did not have visibility into some key reporting data. They were unable to track the number of leads generated by their two primary channels (storefront and contractor referral). They also lacked insight into the project as it moved across departments and were unable to monitor employee workloads.

Salesforce came into the picture not only for sales purposes (tracking leads and revenue) but also as a project management tool—helping to centralize both customer and project information.

Seeking to Understand Existing Processes

Nuvem studied the client’s project workflow to get a better understanding of each teams’ role and the overall customer journey from the design phase to installation. Our team designed a sales process within Sales Cloud using standard objects (Leads and Opportunities).

The new process would allow Project Managers to track projects through a series of stages. Each stage would trigger tasks and notifications which would be assigned to individual team members.

Implementing New Tools

For those Opportunities in the quoting phase, Sales Reps were introduced to a new tool.  Nuvem built several custom quote options for each project type (commercial sales, custom residential, etc.) using standard Sales Cloud functionality. The templates streamlined the quoting process for internal salespeople while providing a more consistent experience for the customer.

Nuvem added two additional areas of functionality to Sales Cloud—a document management system and a case-management process. Conga Composer, an application featured in the Salesforce AppExchange, was implemented to allow for the easy upload of client proposals, quotes and final contracts into Sales Cloud. This information could then be associated with a client record.

To improve the handling of complaints during each customers’ journey, Nuvem introduced a case-management process using standard Sales Cloud functionality (Cases). This enabled customer service reps to begin recording and escalating customer complaints while projects were ongoing. This gave the sales team an opportunity to intervene before the project’s end.

Adding Custom Reports and Dashboards

Nuvem designed several custom Dashboards specific to marketing, operations, sales, customer service and user adoption. One key report showed the number of tasks assigned to each employee. Another visualized the number of Opportunities at each stage in the pipeline. A marketing report tracked the amount of leads generated from the storefront and contractor-referral channels.

Over the course of two months, CKF generated 4,500 tasks, closed $1.6 million in Opportunity revenue, created 400 Leads and added 1,200 Opportunities. They have seen a high adoption rate across the organization along with improved collaboration between teams.

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