How to Send Text Messages From Salesforce with OpenSMS

Editor’s note: This is the first article filed under our new series, AppExchange Featured Products, highlighting innovative apps that will save you time and money while pushing your organization to greater adoption and value with Salesforce. OpenSMS Pro is developed by Nuvem’s close partner, AppShark.

One of the reasons why Salesforce offers more value for your money as a business system is the capabilities it offers to customize products such as Sales Cloud CRM to your unique user needs and processes.

And one of the features increasingly in demand among sales reps is the ability to send text messages through Salesforce to their prospects and customers. Sales reps are relying on texts to connect and engage with customers using their preferred method of communication.

Open SMS Pro enables sales reps to send two-way text messages right from the Salesforce interface. Users can send single or bulk SMS from any Salesforce or application. They can also chat and receive messages from any mobile device.

Use SMS campaigns to send promotional offers, alerts, birthday messages, reminders or simply to connect quickly and easily with your prospects and clients.

“We see a lot of customers using SMS texts as a more personable, direct and fast way to engage with customers,” said Matt Dillon, Co-Founder at Nuvem Consulting. “But you need to make sure you are enabling your sales reps to do their work inside Salesforce so they can not only be much more productive but also track their activities. You also really need that activity history if reps are changing territories or moving on to other companies.”

Other features and benefits of Open SMS Pro include:

  • Activity tracking – Activities are created on Contacts or Leads for all SMS interactions
  • Workflow support – Send SMS messages from Workflows
  • Advanced reporting – Complete analysis on SMS activity through comprehensive reports and dashboards
  • Predefined templates – Send quick messages from predefined message templates
  • Custom development – Use our Open APIs to embed SMS features into your applications
  • SMS Chat – Chat with Leads or Contacts directly from Salesforce
  • Two-Way Communication – You can receive incoming messages into salesforce

Open SMS Pro is designed to work with various SMS gateways worldwide; Companies can  chose a provider that best suits their needs. This can yield significant cost savings for users over other SMS apps on the AppExchange that require you to purchase plans through their preferred provider.

“With Open SMS Pro, you are no longer at the mercy of the SMS provider used by other SMS apps,” said Srinivas Gaddam, CEO of AppShark. “This is really important to customers who do business outside the U.S. who can take advantage of local gateways that can be much cheaper.”


Licensing for Open SMS Pro is also affordable, starting at only $19 per company per month for the base package. Additional customization and configuration fees may apply if applicable. Message rates also vary by provider and are not included in the pricing.

“For the cost, this is a really valuable tool that almost all organizations should be considering,” Dillon said. “It’s a perfect example of how businesses are getting the most bang for their buck from Salesforce.”

Please note that you will need an SMS Gateway Provider before you can send messages from Open SMS.

Open SMS Pro is available for Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited and Performance editions.

Click here to request a demo. You can also Contact Us at Nuvem Consulting for more information and to learn if Open SMS Pro is a good fit for your organization. Click here for more screenshots in the AppExchange.

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