Announcing our Dreamforce Power of Do Contest

You’re sure to stock up on branded pens and other freebie trinkets at Dreamfore but we want to give you something that goes a step further. We want to help you turn ideas into action. Enter to win one of four training classes we’re giving away!

We’re helping Dreamforce attendees with their Power of Do by giving away (1) Salesforce and for Tech Leaders ($2,400 retail) course and (3) Advanced Salesforce for Sales ($400 retail) courses. Participants may enter both contests! Scroll down for more details!Dreamforce_contest_pre-entry_2-1

What is the Power of Do?

So often people attending Dreamforce leave the event with a new vision for Salesforce. Whether it’s a great new app that was demo’d during a keynote, a new Salesforce product that was announced, an MVP talking about ways to improve adoption or customization hacks, attendees will undoubtedly gain insights into how they can change Salesforce for the better.

But behind all those great ideas, how do you turn them to action?

At Nuvem, we call that the Power of Do. Everyone has a vision for what they want their technology to look like and how it would ideally transform their organization. But making that vision a reality can be challenging. Internal people and budget resources are stretched. And you might not have all the skillsets required with a do-it-yourself approach. Waiting costs you a lot more in the long run because you delay the ROI!

The great thing about the Salesforce ecosystem is that there are lots of great partners who can help your Power of Do. Why wait to put your ideas into action? Creating your own ecosystem of apps, consultants, development partners and integration experts helps you achieve success quickly and easily. That helps you simply get the work done so you can focus on more strategic initiatives and continuous innovation. Think about how good it feels to finish a big project and finally have more time and creativity to focus on other things!

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