3 Ways to Measure the Success of a Business Mobile App

If you’re considering a mobile app to help your employees conduct business more efficiently, you’re already ahead of the game. While many companies still resort to providing high-speed desktop computers for employees to do their work, others are beginning to embrace a more mobile (and more appreciated) approach.


As you envision how mobile technology can impact your company, you’ll want to be sure to get the most out of your investment. Looking for a more accessible way to log and share activities? A better place to store customer profiles? The ability for your sales reps to edit contact records and close deals on the road? Whatever the case, you’ll want consider the following when deciding whether or not your mobile app is working to maximize output.

Usage and Adoption

Typically, acquisition metrics such as where users come from and how they found the app are vital to an app’s success. But, for a business app, you already have the answers you need. Because every user is a part of your company, you’ll want to focus your attention on measuring engagement. In other words, you need data that tells you what your users are most interested in. That means every tap and activity should be trackable.

Buzinga breaks engagement down into 4 distinct parts: active users, session length, goals completed and user loyalty.

  • Active Users – in the technology world, an active user is often described as someone who has used your app 5 or more times. But, more than likely, you’re hoping your employees use the app far more often. So you’ll need to decide what an active user is for you.  Is it someone who uses the app daily? Once a week?  Asking yourself these questions can help you measure engagement.
  • Session Length – Take the time to measure how long users stay in your app.  Generally speaking, the longer the stay, the more engaging the app.
  • Goals Completed  – Closely track if your mobile app (and its users) are meeting the objectives you’ve set forthHow many activities have been logged? How many customer profiles have been added? An effective business should be able to provide you with the answers to these types of questions.
  • User Loyalty – user loyalty is the average time someone remains an active user of your application. Considering 65 percent of people stop using an app after 3 months, sustaining user loyalty is vital for success. Make note of active users who become disengaged, and try using push notifications as a way to keep them coming back.

User Feedback

If you’re looking for information about how your company’s mobile app is being used, look no further than the users themselves.  Your colleagues need to provide you with key insights around ease of use, functionality, value, growth potential and a whole lot more.  Getting feedback directly from your app’s users is the best way to understand what, if any, improvements need to be made.

To gain useful feedback, try the following:

  • Focus groups: This is one of the easiest and most effective ways to get feedback. Get your colleagues together and observe them using the app. Then, ask them to share their thoughts. Where do they have the most trouble? What do they like about the app? What would they do to make it better?  Your colleagues might be able to point out things that were overlooked in development.
  • In-app feedback: Integrate a survey or a feedback form into app. Most developers should be able to create this function. Otherwise, companies like Apptentive have tools you can use.  In-app feedback can provide you with real-time information about how you can improve your app.

Business KPIs

As you know, key performance indicators are measurable values that demonstrate how effectively a company is achieving key business objectives. Is your mobile app helping your company achieve its objectives? Your mobile app should play a key role in driving sales and generating new leads. If you notice that your mobile app has led to an increase in business then, rest assured, you’re on the right track. Make sure you have strong baseline measurements such as lead conversion rate, customer conversion rate, days to close and more.

Mobile technology is here to stay, and making it a part of your business is a wise decision.  Just use this as a guide, and you’ll be well on your way to impressive results.

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