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Lead-To-Cash Transformation

“Lead to Cash” is the next big trend in IT, and a vital approach that today’s businesses are pursuing with their technology systems in order to become more efficient and promote growth.

At Nuvem, we have long been an advocate for fully integrated, end-to-end, software systems.

From marketing, to sales, pricing, inventory, customer service, billing, and other departments, it is no longer acceptable to run a business on multiple disconnected software platforms. Using Salesforce and other technologies, we build an “all-in-one” software platform that eliminates process inefficiencies and gives executive stakeholders more accurate reporting on business performance and future trends.

Sales & Marketing

In this first step, leads enter the marketing automation system, often by submitting a form on the website. Marketing automation workflows help nurture and score leads so that those that are qualified are assigned to sales, which improves sales efficiency and fosters a better experience for the client. Marketing automation data also allows sales reps to gauge leads’ interest prior to the first call. Sales reps can quickly prepare quotes with pre-built templates and pre-filled fields in the CPQ system. Finally, marketing can track leads and sales opportunities through the pipeline to better measure and track marketing spend.


Sales Cloud

Salesforce CPQ


  • Web development
  • Campaigns
  • Landing pages
  • Forms


  • Drip nurturing
  • Customer retention
  • Closed-loop reports
  • Customer retentions


  • Contact Management
  • Opportunities
  • Forecasting
  • 360° view of customer

Configure Price

  • Price books
  • Quote generation
  • Contracts
  • Sales orders


When a deal is won, the focus turns to the Operations team to ensure a smooth fulfillment process and positive customer experience. In a fully integrated system, accurate quoting information naturally flows to an order management, project management or service ticketing system. Customer service teams are able to more effectively onboard, and support, customers by accessing sales data and order information directly from the CRM. Service or support requests are handled more efficiently with case assignment and management. Automating these processes can help a company scale while improving customer success.

Service Cloud


ERP/Custom Development

Customer Service /
Field Services

  • Case management
  • Cross-sell/Upsell
  • Service/Agreements
  • Warranties


  • Time Tracking
  • Project management
  • Task management
  • Capacity planning


  • Demand forecasting
  • Order management
  • Order confirmation
  • Logistics


By integrating the ERP system with the CRM and service and quoting systems, the accounting team has an updated view of products and services delivered on an account. Without this visibility into the account history, Accounting is often tasked with resolving customer disputes, delaying cash flow into the business. On the other hand, a bi-directional integration allows sales reps to view accounting-generated invoices in the CRM, allowing them to more effectively answer customer billing questions and reporting on revenue.

ERP/Custom Development


  • Provisioning
  • Billing
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Collections

Nuvem specializes in a “Lead-to-Cash” business software methodology. We work with clients to transform their businesses by building fully integrated systems that support marketing, sales, pricing, order fulfillment, customer service, accounting and other functions. Our services include general consulting, Salesforce implementation, virtual Salesforce support and custom development.

  Nuvem completes a robust discovery process at the beginning of every project that gets to the heart of your requirements. We do our due diligence up front to minimize surprise costs and missed deadlines down the road. Learn more.

 In many cases, our clients do not have detailed written requirements that enable us to simply start configuration or development. We work with you through discovery to detail these requirements and gain stakeholder sign off. Learn more.

 The requirements will serve as the basis for our project plan. We will design a strategy to migrate key data from previous systems.When configuring new features and integrations, we leverage standard functionality, incorporating custom development when necessary.  Learn more.

We go beyond development and configuration to support ongoing needs and maintenance as needed. From marketing services, to virtual Salesforce Administrator, to mobile app maintenance in the iOS/Android marketplace, we offer a range of support options. Learn more.

Why Choose Us

  • We conduct a thorough discovery to understand your business
  • Our talented consultants lead real business transformation
  • We offer deep and long-standing knowledge of the Salesforce platform
  • We solve complex integration and development challenges
  • Our flexible service models are designed to meet your budget and timeline
  • We offer “real world” advice with practical and affordable solutions

What Clients Say

People make all the difference in these types of projects. We had incredible representation. It’s a little priceless because without the expertise and guidance, we would never have gotten to where we are today. Nuvem has really changed the value we are getting out of that investment, which has been significant.

Shane Piper, VP Sales, Hudl